People who have ENFP preferences are constantly scanning the environment looking for associations and patterns. They naturally link ideas together and see connections. They like to focus on what could be rather than what is. They see many possibilities in everything they can sense, experience and imagine. ENFPs are enthusiastically and outwardly focused on the future and like to initiate change. They see every situation as an opportunity to try something different.

ENFPs balance their approach of innovation and initiation with an internal focus on values. They rely on their personal sense of responsibility and integrity to help them identify opportunities to help others and develop human potential.

When creating type resources, one of my goals is to offer practical descriptions and examples to help people understand each of the different patterns of personality type preferences.

One way I have done this is by creating mottos for each four-letter combination. Each motto is based on type research, my reading, and my experiences. The intention is to create a motto that reflects the dominant function of each personality type.

I chose the motto “Follow your dreams.” for those who have ENFP preferences to describe their imaginative, values-based approach.

Having ENFP preferences, I know that it is important to find and follow my personal passions. One important value for me is parenting.

When our kids were young my husband (INFP preferences) and I chose to both work part-time so our kids almost always had a parent at home. We came up with a number of creative options to generate income. For me, making this values-based career/life decision was one of the best things I did.

Research indicates that 8.1% of the U.S. population have ENFP preferences.


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