By Donna Dunning

People who have ENFJ preferences balance their compassionate approach with a focus on ideas and possibilities. The resulting combination leads to an interest in creating ways to help others develop their potential.

The following list describes typical characteristics and preferences of people who prefer ENFJ. Identify the items that are true for you so you can seek work that suits who you are.

As an ENFJ, I prefer a work environment that offers:

  • Support and appreciation
  • Multiple projects and possibilities
  • Opportunities to help people learn and grow
  • Opportunities to generate ideas
  • Opportunities to organize and manage people
  • A focus on possibilities and potential
  • A chance to cooperatively achieve results
  • Collaboration and consensus building
  • A focus on human potential and human development

ENFJs will have a more satisfying career if the work environment aligns with their personal preferences.


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