By Donna Dunning

Here is a story from my website by a reader with ENFJ preferences. I find the story shows both what energizes and what drains her at work.

Personality Type: ENFJ

“I manage a college career centre and have done so for twenty years. People are often surprised that after all this time I’m doing the same job, but I know I’m still doing it because I’m perfectly suited for the work I do. Its not the same job because all of the people I work with are uniquely different and finding new possibilities for them excites me.

I am also energized by planning events, creative problem solving, strategic planning, and writing proposals. I am sometimes drained by budgeting, managing an extensive database, and personnel issues. To remain successful I have learned to ask experts in my organization for help with the parts of my work I sometimes feel overwhelmed with. I enjoy teamwork.”

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